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Ashtanga Yoga Switzerland

Yoga Sutra Course Ch. 1 Samadhi Pada July 2023

Yoga Sutra Course Ch. 1 Samadhi Pada July 2023

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A deeper discussion on the definition of Yoga and very deep study of the human mind.

The relationship between mind and consciousness, understanding of karma, samskaras, vasanas & gunas and the state of ultimate liberation.

What is meditation, what is Isvara, how to meditate and what does it lead to.

This is a study which transform the mind of the person, which is the goal of Yoga.


Open to everyone. Special for Yoga teachers and practitioner who are willing to go deeper into the understanding of the goal of Yoga

Duration: 4 weekends of July 2023.

Time: 9.30 am to 11am.


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