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Who we are

Our names are Christian & Francisca and we are two Ashtanga Yoga practitioners who have have been practicing this method for many years, dedicating all of our effort to deepening our studies, understanding and knowledge of the practice.
This deepening has gifted us with a much more meaningful understanding of the real Self and the philosophy behind the Asana (posture) practice. We have been focusing our studies to the depth of transforming ourselves with the fire of knowledge and discipline, where we have found a freedom that goes beyond any temporal worldly circumstance.
We started studying with our teacher in the Institute of Ashtanga Yoga since 2016 and last year we received the authorization to share this ancient method as it is taught traditionally from the source.
We are deeply grateful for this blessing and we feel committed to share the knowledge and experience with everyone who feels the call.
🌟We are happy to welcome you to join us on this journey discovering what truly Yoga is, where we will share daily meetings for practitioners, philosophy and all the support for a healthy, happy life