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Shala Etiquette


Some practice guidelines


–  Please don’t be late for class. Check with your teacher for the latest arrival time for each of the classes. Please be respectful of shala closing time

–  We want to assure anyone who comes to our shala that they are free to say no to adjustments at any time and we will respect your wishes and will not ask you to explain your reasons

– In keeping with tradition, Primary series only is practised on Fridays.

–  It’s nice to take rest, but this does not mean a 40 minute savasana!

–  Please wash both your cotton yoga mat and your sticky yoga mat on a regular basis!

–  Please turn your phone off or to silent and try not to be tempted to look at it during your practice

–  Try and be respectful of other students and the space they are practicing in – so no hitting

–  If you are looking for a new posture, we know. Don’t ask. It will be given when we feel you are ready. It’s not just about the asana.

–  Please inform the teacher of any injuries, illnesses or operations and please let the teacher know if you’re pregnant

–  Please keep any warm-up to a minimum

–  The practice is taught in a traditional style so please try to avoid modification/use of props etc. or deviating from the sequence

–  Do not eat a meal for 2-3 hours before attending class

–  Try not to eat or drink for 20-40 minutes after class

–  It is nice to be sociable with fellow yogis but please be respectful of those practicing – keep chat quiet